Polaroid Film are the instant film produce by Polaroid co for over 50 years until they cased production in late 90s. They have started over later with their new Zink Media film which are totally different type from the old generation.They had made 6 type of instant film till end of analog camera production. Then before starting Zink Media film they sold Polaroid 300 film and cameras which are basically re-branded Fujufilm Instax products. Now the biggest problem instant camera users have is finding these old film packs for their cameras. So lets look at all types of Polaroid film ever existed and what alternatives out there for those dead film types.

Polaroid Zink Paper

Polaroid Zink Paper is the latest of their photo paper. Zink photo paper can’t not be used for old Polaroid Cameras. This type of Polaroid photo paper can be used only for Polaroid instant digital camera series. This new film made with Made with Zink Zero Ink printing technology from Zink Imaging are water resistant,  smudge-proof and sticky back photo paper.

Polaroid Zink Paper is totally different from those old instant film. These have no cartridges no batteries or less wastage. Not only this type of photo paper can produce millions of vivid colors at very high resolution but also resist fading from exposure to light, heat and humidity.

But the biggest and most important difference is the cost per print. While old film types and even new Impossible project film cost you more than $3 per photo print these cost you less than $1. Polaroid Zink paper 2×3 paper cost you around 50 cents. Polaroid Zink paper 3×4 paper cost around 70 cents per print.

Apart from these types there is PoGo photo paper which is the first release of Zink paper. Only difference is PoGO paper has  border around photo.

Polaroid 300 Film

Polaroid 300 Film is for Polaroid 300 instant camera. But it’s just re-branded Fujifilm Instax Mini Film. After they stopped making cameras Polaroid had started selling Fujifilm Instax Mini 7 camera as Polaroid pic 300 camera. So if this instant cam also take Instax Mini film packs which are cheaper and available everywhere.

Polaroid hasn’t mentioned anything about Zink Photo paper compatibility with Polaroid 300. It really doesn’t matter since Fuji Mini film packs are cheaper and available in both online and real camera stores. So if you need alternative for PIC-300 film than just use the Instax Mini instant film.