Lets make it clear, Polaroid 300 Film packs are re-packed Fujifilm Instax Mini film packs, not something made by Polaroid Co. They were just selling Fujifilm Instax Mini 7s camera as Polaroid 300 camera and Instax Mini film as Polaroid PIC 300 film. So if you have this type of camera you can use both these instant film packs since both same. So it doesn’t matter which brand just buy the cheaper option. Here prices from Amazon to compare and decide which is good.

You can see that Polaroid offer is little cheaper. There is one small problem you might not see. These Polaroid 300 film packs are years and years old. It’s been long time since Fujifilm has discontinued Instax Mini 7s camera. Also it’s been a long time since Polaroid has moved to instant digital cameras. So They are just trying to get their stocks cleared.

So what’s the point of buying these old near expire Polaroid 300 instant film packs ? Just buy Instax Mini film packs. This is why it’s even few dollars cheaper. I don’t think it’s worth it buying expired film packs or those packs about to expire for few dollars less. Now there is even better and cooler reason why should you use Mini Film packs for your Polaroid 300 camera.

Do you know Fujifilm Instax Mini film packs comes in many different themes ? There are so many themes to choose and it would make your photo prints lot more cuter and interesting.

If you are still using Your Polaroid 300 instant camera and searching for cheaper film packs, the best option you have is retire that camera and buying a new Polaroid Snap. This camera is very cheap and it uses new Polaroid Zink Media photo paper. This new type of film packs are lots cheaper than any other old film packs. Probably twice cheaper or more. So what’s the point of keeping your old outdated camera if there is a better and low cost option ?

I’m not sure if you can use Polaroid Premium Photo paper for Polaroid 300 cam. I tried to find information about this but couldn’t find anything. I was simply told by Polaroid these Zink media photo paper is for digital instant film cameras.

So why not upgrade your camera rather than trying to find these old film packs for cheap price ? It’s a win win for you. You can get a better quality camera and also better quality photo paper. These new instant digital cameras would let you save your photos into a memory card. Or you can just for one of these new Fujifilm Instax cameras like Instax Mini 70 or Instax 300. Fujifilm Instant photo cameras are analog but quality is maybe same or even better than Polaroid digital instant cams.