Many people thought instant cameras are going to extinct when Polaroid closed down their Instant photo camera series in 2008. After all it’s the digital age and with all these digital cameras and smart phones etc who would need a camera which print photos instantly. But I think everyone should thank Fujifilm and Impossible Project for saving the say. Impossible Project Co. has started the making film for several old Polaroid camera models. Fujifilm has started making their own instant film camera since from 90s continue making and upgrading their Instax camera series.

So today there are those really good Fuji Instax cameras. Also Polaroid is back in game with their new instant digital cameras. Even Lomography Co. has released an instant photo camera which is called Lomo’Instant Camera. It looks like future of Polaroid cameras is secure again.

So here’s an instant camera list which has all latest and available models in market today. Latest instant cam models are at top and you should compare prices and feature not just the release date. Sometimes you can find a great quality older model for cheaper rather than buying a newly released cheap instant camera.

Impossible Project I-1

So Impossible Project has finally decided to released their own instant film camera which all all features of pld Polaroid camera models. We don’t know much about this camera yet but it’s due to release in 10th May 2016. I guess more details and reviews will be available after the launch.

Fujifilm Instax Mini 70

Instax Mini 70 was released in end of the 2015. This cam is similar to Mini 90 model which used to be expensive. Probably the best analog instant cam in market right now except for Instax Mini 90 Neo Classic camera. Amazon price is around $120.

Polaroid Snap

After several expensive instant digital cameras, Polaroid has finally released a cheaper model. Polaroid Snap is the cheapest digital Polaroid camera in market right now. It has really nice look and you can save images into a memory card. At the moment it’s sold at Amazon for around $99.

Instax Mini Hello Kitty

Instax Mini Hello Kitty camera was launched for Hello Kitty anniversary as a limited edited. Interesting this is this Fujifilm Instax Mini Hello Kitty camera is one of a kind when to comes to it’s design. It’s not hard to find Hello Kitty themed cameras even among Instax series. But all these cameras are just covered with stickers or just re-painted versions of regular camera models than designed just for the theme.

Anyway the amazing thing is you can buy Mini Hello Kitty cam for less than $100. It’s launch price was around $250. If you want a girlie gift a female who means a lot to you then this could be one of the perfect gift you can find. After all not many young or old ladies can resist something pretty like Fuji Instax Mini Hello Kitty camera.

Fujifilm Instax 300

Fujifilm Instax 300 is the successor of Instax 210 camera. These cameras use bigger format photo paper which is similar in size for old Polaroid film. Apart from the new beautiful design there aren’t many new features. So if you already have a Instax 210 then maybe you should wait for the next model.

If you want a instant film camera which use bigger photo format then Instax 300 is one of the 2 best choices you have. Other one is Polaroid z340 which is an instant digital camera and very expensive. This camera is sold at Amazon for around $100 – $120.